Holiday: Christmas Controversy and Internet Shopping

Topics: Christmas controversy, Mind, Need Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The holidays! They're supposed to be a time of warmth, happiness and excitement. For many people, they are. Although for some, the season can be just the opposite. Joyous feelings, family and religious traditions can be overshadowed by stress, fatigue and gloom--"the blues." In addition to all of the gifts, goodies, decorations and events, the holiday season can be filled with many pressures. To reduce a stressful holiday, people should look at the simple ways that are all around them.

I believe that Internet shopping could help reduce holiday blues. By using the internet to shop, people could stay within in a budget. Over spend during the holidays can create financial stress. For example, I can sit at home and move my mouse and click on the items that I want to buy. If I shopped at a mall, I might have to search to find the items that I would want to buy. There is always the chance that I can’t find what I’m looking for. On the Internet you can buy anything from books to clothes, or house supplies. Also, on the Internet I can request they send the merchandise or deliver the items to our own family or friends.

Physical stress during the holidays affects people also. Anyone can shop from the comforts of their home if they used the Internet. I think that Internet shopping can help people relax and take their time to think about what they want to buy.

Holidays provide excellent opportunity to visit friends and relatives.

During holidays, you can change the routine of waking up and going to sleep.

You may like to spend part of your holidays in a planned inactivity.

In any case, holidays offer much needed respite from a dead routine and refresh the mind and energise the body of a person to pursue his vocation more vigorously.
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