Holes Essay

Topics: Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats' Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake, Holes Pages: 4 (1606 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Holes Essay:

In the Film Holes different filmic conventions are used to portray characters and construct atmosphere. The film is about a young boy named Stanley Yelnats who follows a journey like his great great great grandfather did. He was sent to Camp Green Lakes for a crime that he did not commit and when he arrived at camp he uncovered some of his family secrets. Techniques such as camera angles, sound effects and color constructs the characters and atmosphere in the film which creates the mood.These film codes are very important in the film as they help the viewer understand the story and conventions better.

Body Paragraph 1: Character 2 film codes (explain scene)STANLEY:

Stanley Yelnats is the protagonist in the film Holes and through the film codes his character is able to be constructed. When the viewers are first introduced to Stanley they are informed that his family believe that they are ‘cursed’ because of Stanley’s great great grandfather. This family ‘curse’ is a symbolic code as throughout the movie Stanley always finds himself ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’. An example when this is shown is when a pair of flying shoes hit Stanley on the head and marks the beginning of his journey to Camp Green Lake. These shoes are shown throughout the film as they represent the ‘curse’ on Stanley’s family and the family business of ‘trying to get rid of the smelly feet.The music in this scene is very slow and heaven like, it is also suspenseful because there is a feeling that something is going to happen. When the shoes are flying in the sky to the music, the effect is that the shoes are a big part of the story and they are going to effects stanley’s life forever. A main technical code presentend throughout this scene is the use of camera angles. The camera was looking down on Stanley as he was walking along the footpath. This was used to represent his innocence because it showed that he did not have power over an event that was...
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