Holdens Depression

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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Holden’s Depression

There were recurring patterns Holden unconsciously fell into that contributed to his depression and then there were events that halted these depressions. The events that contributed to his depression were that he judged people, he judged himself and he did not take care of himself. Of course there were events that halted the depression such as the act of love shown by his sister Phoebe. Love is perceived as forgiveness, peace, living in the moment and happiness. His sister is the only person in the book who shows these characteristics. As for Holden he never doesn’t experience love at all, he is always depressed and is never really happy in the book. Except when he is with his sister, he feels happy and is in the moment.

Throughout Holden’s life, he judged other people based on their appearance or what they had done in that moment when they were with him. For example, he judges Ackley because he has a pimply face and always comes inside of Holden’s room. Holden states that he is really annoying and has a poor hygiene. But he does not know anything about him. He also judges people by calling them phonies or fake people. In one incident he calls Ernie a phony “Old Ernie turned on his stool and gave this very phony humble bow. Like as if he was a helluva humble guy, besides being terrific piano. It was very phony-I mean him being such a big snob and all” (.84) Holden doesn’t even know Ernie at all and he judges him and says that he is a phony. And this causes him to be depressed because he always goes somewhere and ends up leaving because somebody is phony. The other incident would be, when he his with Sally Hayes, he starts talking to her about how there are a lot of phonies “and being introduced to phony guys that call the Lunts angels” (55) He judges people he barley even knows and he feels as though he should not stay with them because they are fake. In one part of the book, he calls the person who had made his school a phony “I can...
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