Holden vs. Charlie

Topics: Difference, High school, Sibling Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Holden vs. Charlie
During your life you go through many phases. One phase is high school. High school can be the best thing you ever been through or one of the worst times of your life. Holden Caulfield and Charlie had many problems through high school but most of their actions and personality were the same. Even though Holden and Charlie were two different types of people, they had the same of amount of similarities as differences. One of their differences between Holden and Charlie was their mind set in high school. Holden disliked all the people around him and thought of them as phonies. He was narrow-minded and always annoyed at what people would do and say. Charlie came into high school trying to fit in and make a lot of friends. He would always listen to what people had to say and keep it in mind. Holden was 17 years old, while Charlie was about 15 years old. Charlie went to a public high school and Holden went to a private school. While Holden and Charlie had some difference, the way they thought and acted were more similar. Both boys were lonely and didn’t do very well with girls. Holden had girlfriends but messed it by yelling, not saying the right things, and leaving a girl at a restaurant. Charlie had a girlfriend his first year at high school but cheated on her by kissing her best friend. Charlie and Holden’s brothers were both successful in their life. Charlie’s brother was a star football player while Holden’s brother was a famous writer. English was Holden’s and Charlie’s favorite subject in school. Holden was good in English and Charlie just loved reading books and writing. The boys had a good relationship with their sisters, Holden’s bond was closer but Charlie stuck up for his sister when she needed help. Terrible things happen in each of their lives. Charlie’s aunt molested him at a young age while Holden’s brother died very young. Both of these events traumatized their lives but with help they finally got through it. Holden and Charlie...
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