Holden Claufied a Misfit in Society

Topics: Fraud, Hypocrisy, Insanity Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Is Holden Claufield a misfit in societyI do think that Holden Claufield is a misfit in society. It doesn’t seem like that is society fault that he is, its just the type of person that he is. He describes everyone around him as them being a phony as he likes to describe it. The way Holden cant fit into the society around has drove him to hate it, instead of him coming to realize this he just judges other people on the fakeness and dishonesty. Holden even thinks that his own school is hypocritical because they don’t really follow there own motto which is “molds boys into upright, respected members of society", in his eyes the guys in his school don’t change from when they get there it even molds some into crooks and criminals. He also really criticizes the Catholics because not that he doesn’t believe in god which he does its that he believes most Catholics seem to always want to find out if you also are one of them. They also exclude the ones who don’t believe to follow there religion and Holden realizes that he is alone because he doesnt want to become one of the “phony’s” like everyone else. Holden has his own perception on the world about priceless, intelligence, purity and all of the other things above money, sex, and power, But when he clings on to innocence fast all of these quality’s get kicked out the door because in Holden eyes its one of the best things a person can have. Even though Holden soon becomes a misfit in society since the society around him is so corrupted. The main thing that Holden wants in his life is to really actually connect with someone,any type of connection just so he has someone who likes him for who he is and understands who he is. The biggest problem i think that Holden has is that he treats everyone around him terribly, judging people wherever he goes but he doesn’t have the same harsh views on himself, which makes Holden the outcast and phony. Holden even tells you early on in the book that he is one of the best liars that you...
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