Holden Caulfield Outline

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, Joan Caulfield Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: February 22, 2012
I. Patient – Holden Caulfield
A. Holden is troubled. Socially accepted. Teenager.
B. Holden can be depressed at times.
C. Has had a troublesome past.
D. Not very emotional and does not form many good relations. E. Immature, Childish
F. Removes himself from reality.
G. Disillusioned-Can’t deal with phonies-leaves
H. Self-Ideals, too much to follow
II. Diagnosis
A. Holden Caulfield suffers from PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) B. Throughout his life, Holden has suffered much trauma.
C. Death of Allie, James Castle, and Sexual Abuse.
D. Holden liked Allie(deceased), when Phoebe asked what things he liked pg 171 E. Holden also liked James Castle(deceased), when Phoebe ask what things he liked pg 170 F. Holden picture often about the suicide of James Castle pg 195 G. These events have triggered an emotional imbalance in Holden that has negatively affected him. III. Trigger Points

A. Sexual Abuse
B. Holden believes Mr. Antolini is trying to make a pass. Holden admits stuff like this happens to him twenty times when he was younger pg 193 C. Suicide
D. Holden remembers James Castle at the top of the building. He had been bullied by six classmates and was ashamed. Holden remembers the incidence visually pg195 E. Death of Allie
F. Holden is so enraged by the death of his brother who only brought comfort, kindness, and joy around him pg 173 G. These events had haunted Holden who is emotionally unable to understand them. IV. James Castle

A. Holden remembers when classmates of his at his old school went into Castle’s room and forced him to say something. Pg 193-195 B. Castle refused and classmates had locked the door.
C. They have done things Castle was so ashamed of, that he believed life is worthless and he cannot live with what had happened. D. He commits suicide in front of many peers.
E. Holden remembers the mangled, spilled body parts.
F. Mr. Antolini...
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