Holden Caulfield Diagnosis from Catcher

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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This is the diagnosis for Mr. Holden Caulfield. Mr. Caulfield is a sixteen year old, white, male, whos residence is in New York City, New York. He has brown/gray hair and is about 6 foot. Caulfield is in high school and was recently expelled from Pencey Prep. After analyzing Caulfield, I have come to determine that he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD).

Mr. Caulfield has multiple symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After speaking with the patient and observing his actions, several symptoms have become apparent. Caulfield is experiencing flashbacks, poor relationships, self-destructive behavior, doubts about his future, sleeping problems, memory problems, trouble concentrating, and puts effort in avoiding thinking or talking about the traumatic event. He appears angry, guilty, easily startled or frightened, and dissatisfied with the activities he once enjoyed. Candidates of PSTD experience or witness an event that involved death or a serious injury. The first trauma occurred when the patient was thirteen years old and his brother Allie passed away from Leukemia. The patient's condition was then worsened when attending Elkton Hills. His peer James Castle was harassed and bullied, leading to his suicide. Holden says “...and there was old James Castle laying right on the stone steps and all. He was dead, and his teeth, and blood, were all over the place, and nobody would even go near him. He had on this turtleneck sweater I'd lent him” (170). Witnessing two tragic events occurring to children around his age caused fear and anger, leading the patient into a depressing state.

An analysis on the impact of these events are important in diagnosing Caulfield. In both scenarios, Holden was unable to step in and help the victims. Holden had no control over his brother's disease and could not have done anything to stop James Castle's suicide. His inability to interfere brought up feelings of helplessness. His want to help people similar to the victims...
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