Hoi Tin Tonh

Topics: Economics, Hong Kong, Nutrition Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Market analysis

An age of Hong Kong people is growing over time. Our society turns gradually towards population aging, an average life of 85.9 for females and 80 for men that has become the second highest in the world. Therefore, people begin to pay attention their dietary health habit and consider what drinks or snacks which is the best suitable for them. Guiling Jelly is one of the health foods in the world. Its functions include increasing the function of the immunity and being improved bodily organs, preventing certain strokes in elders .Above mentioned all benefits completely suit the need of everyone as old, young and even child, so it has also a huge developing potential in Hong Kong market.

In spite of ongoing uncertainty in the global economy, Hong Kong has reported relatively positive data in recent months. According to Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department indicates that Hong Kong one quarter of 2013 GDP growth accelerated to 3.4%, up from 2.5% in final quarter of 2012.Fast economic recovery not only improves living standard of Hong Kong people but also will continue to increase in their consumption. Despite Guiling Jelly is a bit of expensive health foods that people are also willing to pay it for staying their health. It is thus clear that health cannot be measured in terms of money.

Now more and more Hong Kong people come to realize that they just rely on skin care products to stay their appearance but that is not enough. They think that the best way of skin care should be proceeded from inside body, so they continually seek a health foods in market for satisfy their demand. As a result, discovering Guiling Jelly is corresponded with their demand as keeping youthfulness, Therefore, Eating Guiling Jelly that is also increasingly being became a popular diet trend.
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