Hofstede - Turkey and Germany

Topics: European Union, Geert Hofstede, Greece Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: March 2, 2011
The article I chose was written by Roger Chambers, and I found it in what is called the Associated Content by Yahoo. It talks about Turkey and its acceptance into the European Union. The article discusses how Angela Merkel’s visit to Turkey in March, 2010, certainly did nothing to speed up the process of Turkey being accepted in the European Union. The Prime Minister wanted to nurture the idea of giving Turkey what she called a “privileged partnership” with the European Union. Even though this so called partnership may have been beneficial to both parties, Turkey didn’t accept regardless of the advantages. The article pretty much states that for Turkey to be accepted into the European Union, it needs to be accepted by Germany. Joining the European Union requires Turkey to meet European standards in legal, social, political, and economic issues. So far Turkey has only solved one out of 35 issues of concern to the European Union. The article furthermore talks about how Turkey’s rejection to the “privileged partnership” will only lead to a continuing negotiation process that has no guarantees of success. Turkey has a big confusion dilemma between its eastern heritage conflicting with its western lifestyle. Even though over 90% of the population is Muslim, Turkey is still considered a secular nation. Germany is considered Turkey’s largest trading partner. Approximately three million Turkish workers live in Germany. Most of these families maintain their language and heritage, opposing to the German Lifestyle. You can easily find Turkish language schools in Germany. With all these details about Turkey and Germany, one would think they might have a

good relationship. Conflicts regarding social integration and discrimination towards Turkish immigrants have been going on all around Germany. This is where Hofstede’s Dimensions come in place. Mediterranean countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey have the similar dimensions. These dimensions...
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