Hofstede Cutlural Dimensions

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Identify the key cross-cultural issues faced by the Airbus consortium and relate these to the Globe’s projects clusters of business cultures. Critically evaluate the usefulness of this research in understanding the issues involved and in devising viable solutions. What lessons can be learned for companies embarking on international projects?


Cross-cultural management describes “organisational behaviour within countries and cultures” (Adler and Gundersen, 2008, p 13) as a result it compares the organisational behaviour across various countries and cultures and most importantly it seeks to comprehend and advance the “interaction of co-workers, managers, executives, clients, suppliers, and alliance partners from countries and cultures around the world.” (Adler and Gundersen, 2008, p 13). A company that has experience of cross-cultural management and thus has its roots in several European countries is Airbus SAS. (Browaeys and Price, 2011). Outlined on the company’s website they express their desire to overcome “national divides, sharing development costs, collaborating in the interest of a greater market share, and even agreeing a common set of measurements and a common language” (Airbus.com cited in Browaeys and Price, 2011, p 67). However, as time progressed evidence suggests that this has not occurred as demonstrated in key cross-cultural issues experienced by the organisation.

• Introduction not yet complete (Try to make a generic view of CrossCultural Management beyond companies ie consider how CC management is dealt with across industry sectors ( most prevalent in telecoms organizations) also what are the “roots” of CC management and how does it address new global challenges/provide new solutions))

Method of Research

By comparison of 2 companies ie Airbus / Globe highlighting key CC management approaches, issues and solutions (Risk of systemic flaws in approach/repeatable failures)

YOU should compare apples with apples ie list all significant issues, select an issue eg Economic Patriotism and evaluate the approach taken by both parties / im arguing for creating A table to do this we can talk…

Key Cross-Cultural Issues faced by Airbus (Related to Globe’s Cross-Cultural Approach)

Problems Faced by Airbus (enumerate and modify in your own words) Socio-cultural & technical problems.
• The workforce at the aircraft manufacturer is geographically distributed in proportion to national ownership stakes. In an instance of economic nationalism, government distort private transactions among economic actors by discriminating against foreigners in the name of national interest. This lead to the decrease in the productive efficiency. It is because of the various differences of management styles and way of communication. For e.g.: comparing with the French people, the Germans prefer collective decision making, whereas the French prefer centralised decision. At the same time the Spanish are flexible but have inferiority...
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