Hofstede's Dimensions of Culture

Topics: Geert Hofstede, Canada Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture – Canada vs Kuwait

1.Power Distance (PDI)
Kuwait has a high power distance index of 90, which suggests that citizens in this country adopt the hierarchical system and the division between the five groups is determined by wealth. At the very top of the hierarchy is the royal family, followed by businessmen and merchandisers. After that, it’s nomads that have settled in the country for decades. Next are the Arabs that live in the neighboring peninsula. Lastly, it’s travelers from foreign countries. People obey this system and there is no way to alter their social status since they are born into it. •On the other hand, Canada has a relatively lower power distance index of 39, which indicates that equality plays a significant role within the society. Besides, the fact that Canada is a democratic country also contributes to the low index because a democratic country means the majority of citizens have a mutual social status and the government cares about how the general public feels. In other words, there is no social class distinction between Canadians and they all live equally.

2.Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI)
Kuwait has an uncertainty avoidance level of 80, meaning the Arabs tend not to take risks on uncertainties. In other words, they prefer to stick with the traditional way no matter what issues they are dealing with. One tradition in Kuwait that won’t change in the foreseeable future is marriage. Most marriages are arranged instead of going with the person’s will. Also, a woman must marry a man with Muslim background. Besides, social etiquette in Kuwait is another instance that follows the old way as men and women are not allowed to have physical contact. All the aspects listed above show that Kuwait is a conservative country that lives with the traditional way. •Canada, on the other hand, has a score of 48, which falls in the middle of the scale. This indicates that Canadians are willing to accept innovative...
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