Hobby: Film and Movies

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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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Having a hobby can mean various things to people, ranging from merely being a simple action performed continuously to kill time to an action that has more meaning into it. For me, hobby isn’t something I do just to kill time, but is an action I choose to perform continuously because it is beneficial both to my academic interests and social life. This very action I choose to perform is watching movies and this hobby has influenced me in almost every aspect of life. I watch movies regardless of its genre and try to enjoy every aspect of it.

First of all, watching movies is a source for me to release stress. It is inevitable for teenagers to avoid getting stress, stress from trying to have a smooth social life and stress from studying hard for a better academic performance. Every person might have different ways of releasing stress and might have a different opinion from me, but I believe that watching a movie worked best for me to release stress. By laughing in comedic movies, crying in tragic movies and freaking out in scary movies, I learned to express emotions and by watching people having social relationships, falling in love and hanging out with their friends, I learned to love, make friends and hang out with those friends I made. Further, by releasing stress, it clears my mind enabling me concentrate in my studies even more.

Secondly, movies widened my knowledge on general information. In movies, I often encounter knowledge I have never known before and gradually I take in the information using it in my academic life. People might argue that these information obtained from movies are impractical and cannot be applied in school studies, but there are such movies that deals with true events: nonfictional movies. Nonfictional movies have knowledge that cannot easily be learned in normal life and in school life and as the information is presented in a more entertaining way, it is more easily accepted.

Another major influence of movies is in shaping...
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