Hobbit Science Project

Topics: Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Human Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Do you know any Hobbits? No not the ones from the movie. There has been a discovery that proves the Hobbits truly did exist, teeth were uncovered in Southeast Asia along with a Skelton. These two objects were verified to be only 18,000 years old, which was a surprise for the human ancestors living in Africa 1 million years ago had about the same teeth characteristics as the one found. The discovery of Hobbits most certainly affects our understanding of human evolution. After realizing that these Homo floresiensis (Hobbits) did not come from Africa it is clear that human evolution did not just occur in Africa; that this occurred in several other places or at least they had migrated from Africa. After doing so they evolved into what we know today as Homo floresiensis or “Hobbits.”

If the Hobbits were a separate species and roamed Southeast Asia at the same time as humans then it would therefore be easy to identify whether or not the two species ever met or made contact. For starters, if these two species would have ever met/made contact most likely a few of each species would conceive a child and that child would therefore be part Hobbit and human. Soon the kids would have their own kids and their kids would have kids, you would then look at the person’s DNA to therefore see if his or her ancestors came in contact with the Hobbits. If I were an anthropologist I wouldn’t just look in the island of Flores in Indonesia, I would look in countries around Indonesia. Countries like Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, East Timor, Singapore, Thailandand, and the Philippines. My reasoning for this is because they could have migrated to either of these neighboring countries. Their remains may still be there or if they were lucky they probably evolved and survived becoming the modern humans we are today!

If we didn’t study human evolution we wouldn’t have ever knew that those bones, skeletons, and teeth were even human. If we didn’t know that these ancient ancestors of ours...
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