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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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The Hobbit:
Chapter Seven-- Queer Lodgings
1. Why did Bilbo pinch the eagle? PG___

Bilbo was quite frightened while riding on the eagle's back and no doubt was simply hanging on too tightly thus inadvertently pinching the eagle. 2. What announcement caused the dwarves to moan and Bilbo to weep? PG___ Gandalf,the wizard, announced that he would no longer be able to accompany the party of adventurers on their journey. 3. According to Gandalf what are two possibilities explaining the origin of Beorn? PG___ Gandalf explains that Beorn might either be a bear descended from the great and ancient bears of the mountains or that he may be a man descended from the first men who lived before the time of Smaug.  Regardless he is able to assume the skin (body) of a huge black bear or that of a man whenever he desires. 4. How does Gandalf prove himself to be a great manipulator when he is talking to Beorn? PG___ Gandalf realizes that Beorn doesn't normally invite people into his house especially such a large number.  To outmaneuver him Gandalf starts telling their tale to Beorn allowing for frequent interruptions both to introduce a couple of new dwarves at a time and to maintain the host's interest. 5. What information did Beorn glean in his travels to the wolf-glade? PG___ Beorn captured a Warg and a goblin and they in turn told Beorn that the Wargs (wolves) and goblins were very upset about the killing of the Great Goblin and the burning of the chief wolf's nose.  They also informed Beorn that a search party had been formed in order to hunt down the dwarves and take their revenge. 6. What gruesome sight did Beorn reveal to the adventurers when asked by Bilbo what had happened to the captured wolf and goblin? PG___ Beorn revealed the head of the goblin stuck outside the gate while the skin of the wolf was nailed to a tree just beyond. 7. What warning does Beorn give the travellers about proceeding through Mirkwood? PG___ Beorn warns the travellers...
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