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I am Murtaza, age 15 and I am going to talk about my hobby which is video gaming. I enjoy video gaming because it is pleasant to play games that are packed full of action, adventure and sport which makes you in control of the game. When you have a game console such as PlayStation requires skills, equipment, games and memory cards. The Games that I play are usually FIFA, or computer games that are appropriate for my age. The reason why I like sport and simulating games is because I feel as if I am doing it in real life. The reason why I wouldn’t play games like Grand Theft Auto because it is not for my age and also it can be inappropriate. There are many game consoles made by different companies such as Sony who make PlayStation or Microsoft who make Xbox or Nintendo made Wii and many more. Teenagers usually choose which console they want as some people think that Xbox is better than PlayStation and vice versa. On a controller for many game consoles there are specific buttons you have to click in order for you to make a move. For example in Call of Duty, in order for you to walk around you would need an analogy stick. Or to shoot for a goal in FIFA you would need to click a specific button such as the circle on a PlayStation controller in order for the action to happen. These are called commands so that the computer can understand the command given from the user so the action can take place.

Furthermore teenagers sometimes break rules on age restriction to games. At least 75% of teenagers under the age of 18 buy games that are 18 rated. To add on to this point some games are so discriminating that they are banned in the country. In the UK it is illegal to buy ‘Manhunt 2’, ‘Carmageddon’ and ‘The Punisher.’

There are many skills required to play a game. You need to have very good concentration on the game otherwise the computer will take you out. You need to have a good understanding of the controller otherwise on wrong move or the...
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