Hobbes and Machiavelli

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Write an essay of no more than 2750 words on the following topic. Be sure to cite passages generously from the texts of Machiavelli and Hobbes (in quotation marks, of course). Since we’re all using the same translations of Machiavelli, you should cite by page number; since we have discussed Hobbes with reference to chapter and section number, you should cite this way: L 18.2.

You should not do any secondary reading for this paper. Your work should be based on your own thinking, your own reading of the assigned texts, and your own comprehension of the class lectures.

The paper is due March 22nd.

Write on the following topic:

Based on the readings assigned this term, compare and contrast Machiavelli and Hobbes with regard to the purpose or end or goal of government and the form it should take. With regard to the purpose or end or goal of government, you should consider each thinker’s view of political motivation, paying particular attention to glory, peace, stability, and material advantage. With regard to the form of government, you should examine what each thinker makes of the relationship between the political leader(s), or the sovereign representative, on the one hand, and “the people,” or those who are represented, on the other. Be sure to consider ways in which the two thinkers give similar and different accounts of political phenomena. As with the first two papers, craft a well-structured discussion, with a clear thesis statement and with effective use of textual quotations and references. For the Machiavelli portion of your essay, you must cite passages from both The Prince and The Discourses on Livy.
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