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Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Customer service Pages: 20 (5497 words) Published: December 28, 2012

Marketing Planning
Assessment Title
Prepare Marketing Planning


Miss Ayesha Ali


Executive Summary:5
Task 1:6
Perspective of Marketing planning over period of time:6
Task 2:8
Marketing Environment:9
External Micro Environment:10
External Macro Environment:10
Internal Environment:12
Marketing Strategies:13
Target Market:14
Organizational Structure of Ufone:14
Organizational Structure of Ufone:15
SWOT Analysis of Ufone:16
BCG Matrix:17
Competitive policy in regard to competition:18
Product Life Cycle of UFONE:18
Source of Distinctive Competitiveness:19
Task 03:19
Barriers of Ufone:19
McDonalds 10 ‘S’ Approach:19
Task 04:21
Suggested New Product or Service to Ufone:21
Techniques for New Product Development:21
Apply NPD:22
Marketing Plan for Branchless Banking and Remittance:23
Pricing Policy, Distribution and Communication Mix:24
Factors which can create problems in the implementation of the Marketing Plan:25
Task 5:26
Three Ethical Issues of Ufone:26
Unethical Advertisements:27


All the praise is for Allah, the most merciful and beneficent, who blessed me with the knowledge, gave me the courage and allowed me to accomplish this task. I am especially indebted to all my teachers for encouraging me and giving me enough knowledge which will be able to carry myself efficiently during my internship .Secondly, I am bound to thank all the staff of Ufone, my family & friends for their stimulating guidance, remarkable suggestions, constant encouragement, keen interest, constructive criticism and friendly discussion helped me to learn and enabled me to complete this report efficiently.

Executive Summary:
In this report first of all I have written that what is marketing plan and why it is important for the business and then past and future oriented was discussed I selected Ufone and for which data has been collected to complete the different tasks. Steps of marketing audit have been discussed in order to know how research of a market can be done, and what can further be evaluated to make the marketing plan successful. Internal and external audit of UFONE has been done in which external and internal macro and micro environment has been studied and Mission, vision, objectives, marketing strategies, marketing functions, resource audit, financial standing and information systems of Ufone has been discussed. External audit of the Ufone is done. SWOT analysis is also done to get aware of the strengths, weaknesses, threads and opportunities. Direct and indirect competitors of Ufone have been identified. Competitive positions of the competitors are also discussed. Organizational structure is made in order to know that how many posts are there in the Ufone and how the information flows in the organization from top to low management and how they perform work. Main barriers to marketing plan and Ufone are identified. McDonald TEN”S APPROACH is discussed in the context of Ufone to overcome the barriers of Ufone. BCG matrix was design for the cellular companies of Pakistan for finding that where Ufone implies. Branchless banking and Remittance was the suggested product for the Ufone and for which new product development was made and product lifecycle was design for Youth Package of Ufone has been done. Marketing plan for a new product that is Branchless Banking and Remittance is made and discussed in detail. Current market situation of Ufone is good. Mission and vision for the new product and a strategy has been made. Ethical behavior was discussed and studied in report.

Task 1:
Perspective of Marketing planning over period of time:
Marketing plan...
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