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Business Law
Learning Outcome 1

HND Accounting
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There are two institutions in the UK that have the power to make statutory legislation in Scotland. The first of these institutions is Westminster (London) where elected individuals serve in the House of Commons. These members are known as MP’s (Members of Parliament). Parliament is responsible for passing new laws (legislation). In the late nineties the House of Commons allowed the passing of devolved powers to the newly created Scottish Parliament. Only certain powers were transferred to Holyrood and Westminster still control the laws that govern Tax, National Security and many others. Westminster is still regarded as Primary Legislation. This means that any law made by Westminster in reserved matters of policy must be adhered to by the Scottish Parliament.

The second of these institutions is Holyrood (Edinburgh) where 129 elected individuals serve in the Scottish Parliament. These members are known as MSP’s (Members of Scottish Parliament). The Scottish Parliament was created on the 11th Sept 1997. The voters in Scotland took part in a referendum where they voted on a Devolved Scottish Parliament. This meant that Westminster would allow this devolved parliament to create laws in certain areas of policy. The Scottish people voted for a devolved parliament and the devolved powers were transferred from Westminster to The Scottish Parliament on the 1st July 1999. Westminster reserved certain powers that still govern many areas of Scotland today but the devolved powers allow Scotland to pass laws and regulate in areas such as Agriculture, Health and Housing to name a few.

The process of making primary legislation in the UK follows a very strict procedure of three distinct stages. An MP, Lord or a member of the public can raise a bill to suggest a change of law (legislation). The first stage of the process involves a parliamentary committee of members. They will...
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