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An organization study at HMT Machine Tools Limited is an attempt to understand functions of the organization. The study also tries to know the various functional departments in a bird’s eye view. The managerial functions of various departments have been studied in detail. The study is also intended to understand the technical processes as much as possible. Organization studies are included in management evaluation in order to improve technical skill of students. It is highly hopeful to intensify pragmatic approach to functional problems of an organization. Organization study enables one to know the functions of major departments and see the difference between theories and practice. HMT Ltd is a public sector undertaking of the Government of India engaged in the manufacture of engineering goods in diverse areas such as Machine Tools, Watches, and Tractors, Printing Machinery, Die casting and Plastic Processing machinery. It was started in a small way in 1953 to meet a big commitment: ‘to build mother machines to build a modern industrial India’. From a single product, single Unit Company in the post independence era we emerged as a conglomerate by the turn of the twentieth century with several manufacturing bases spread over different states in India, a wide and diversified product range and markets stretching across 38 countries around the world.

• To get first knowledge about the company.
• To know what all are the social responsibilities of a business concern. • To understand the managers of different departments. • To understand how information’s are processed at various levels • To become familiar with day to day organization work • To understand organization hierarchy

• To know how raw materials are being converted into finished products according to the requirement of customers • To relate theory with practice
• To do SWOT analysis of HMT Machine Tools Ltd.

• To understand organization fully and practically.
• To have practical knowledge of organization and its various departments.

• Time limit, not able to cover up effectively
• Office staffs were busy with their works
• In spite of this limitations, was honorable to get all the informations and study report was made accordingly.


Heavy Industry in India comprises of the heavy engineering industry, machine tool industry, heavy electrical industry, industrial machinery and auto-industry. These industries provide goods and services for almost all sectors of the economy, including power, rail and road transport. The machine building industry caters the requirements of equipment for basic industries such as steel, on-ferrous metals, fertilizers, refineries, petrochemicals, shipping, paper, cement, sugar, etc.


The heavy equipment industry has been experiencing a near 6% growth rate worldwide for the past ten years. Included under the heading of heavy equipment are machines such as the backhoe, crane, wheel loader, grader, forklift, and bulldozer. This demand is fueled by the need for new construction to accommodate growth, for the refurbishing of old projects and buildings, and for increased mining activity to provide raw materials for industry. The spin-off has also meant an increase in available employment in construction jobs for heavy equipment operators and maintenance mechanics, growth for parts manufacturers and distributors, and an increase in agencies providing operator certification.

While the U.S. economy is experiencing a slowdown, Europe is expected to remain stable, and Japan, the dominant net exporter of heavy machinery in the 1990s, is expected to recover. This means that opportunities for increased sales globally will continue in the years to come,...
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