Hms Pinafore Case

Topics: Theatre, H.M.S. Pinafore, Rehearsal Pages: 5 (845 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Case Report for HMS Pinafore Case

Executive Summary

As Francis, my decision is to carry out the below objectives to ensure the theatre play production takes place professionally and within the available budget.

← Give students, faculty and greater community the opportunity to participate in the high quality theatre production at affordable prices.  
← Perform the planning and all the activities involved within budget and on time.

← To create the most professional looking production within the budget.  
← To make the opening night as professional as possible in order to make sure that the following performance will run smoothly.  

Issues and Problems/ Deliverables

← Ticketing ( $14 for adults and $12 for seniors and students): A decision must be made as to how much the tickets for the show must be sold for to attract enough viewers.

← Performance of H.M.S Pinafore: Francis and his crew must figure out the best way to produce an outstanding output production within budget and within the short period of time on their hands.

← The program – printed copies: Francis and his crew must begin plans on the quality of programs to the printed for the production and how many programs will be needed.

← Advertising – Glossy posters, radio, television: Advertising plans must also begin to ensure wide publicity coverage for the upcoming production to attract viewers.

← Set designed and built: Plans must be made to build and design the production set and stage.

← The place of performance -Talbot theatre (360 seats): Francis and his team must ensure that the Talbot theatre will indeed seat the number of people they intend to attend the show, so some viewers will not be locked out from lack of seat. If it is discovered that the Talbot Theatre will not sit 360 viewers, then alternative place of performance should be sought and secured as soon as possible.

Case Analysis for production activities.

Main Activities with Precedence: The below table demonstrates the activities that must take place for the production to take place, more so be successful and enjoyable.

|Budget approval |1 day |Tue 07/09/93 |Tue 07/09/93 |  | |Hire publicity director |14 days |Tue 07/09/93 |Mon 20/09/93 |1 | |Advertising to hire crew and cast |7 days |Tue 21/09/93 |Mon 27/09/93 |2 | |Hire set designer |14 days |Wed 08/09/93 |Tue 21/09/93 |1 | |Set designed and built |42 days |Wed 27/10/93 |Fri 07/01/94 |4,6 | |Hire production crew |28 days |Tue 28/09/93 |Tue 26/10/93 |3 | |Train production crew |12 days |Wed 27/10/93 |Sun 07/11/93 |4,6 | |Hire place for auditions |7 days |Tue 28/09/93 |Mon 04/10/93 |3 | |Auditions to hire cast |2 days |Fri 08/10/93 |Sat 09/10/93 |3,8 | |Rehearsals |12 wks |Sun 10/10/93 |Sun 01/02/94 |12,9 | |Hire orchestra |7 days |Wed 08/09/93 |Tue 14/09/93 |1 | |Music |7 days |Wed 15/09/93 |Tue 21/09/93 |11 | |Photograph cast and crew/ collect biographies |35 days |Wed 27/10/93 |Tue 30/11/93 |6,11,9 | |Enter information into computer |1 day |Wed 01/12/93 |Wed 01/12/93 |13 | |Printing |5 days |Thu 02/12/93 |Thu 06/01/94 |14...
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