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Appendix A

Final Project Overview and Timeline

Creating a Social Program

The final project for HSM 240 is a 1,750- to 2,100-word proposal paper on a social program that you create. Pretend that you have the power and capacity to create an agency or organization, and from that you decide to create a new social program. You need funding and decide to write to a national organization that provides grants for programs such as the one you want to create. Write a proposal addressing questions the organization would ask. The final paper should be formatted according to APA guidelines, and should contain the following elements:

• An introduction and a clear thesis statement
• A body with at least three pieces of supporting evidence and in-text citations • A conclusion
• A reference list

Your proposal should also include the following:

• Problem to be addressed:

o What is the problem?
o What are the demographics?
o Why do you want to address this problem?
o Timeline

• Analysis:

o What are the causes and consequences?
o What are the ideologies and values, if any?
o Who are the gainers and losers?

• Policy Elements:

o Mission, goals, and objectives
o Benefits and services
o Eligibility rules
o Service delivery
o What is the theory and specification? (Create either an outline and/or a program design using the examples in Ch. 7 on pp. 142-144 of Social Policy and Social Programs as a guide.)

• Financing:

o What will your budget be?

• Staff, training, and salary
• Supplies and equipment
• Travel
• Rent or lease payment and utilities
• Benefits and services for program recipients
• How will you pay for the program?
• How will you be accountable for funds?

• Staffing

o What types of employees will you look for?
o What are the rules for employees or social workers?

• Evaluation

o How will you...
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