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The title of the sample technical writing I found is Progress Report Sample Advertisement Plane for Hotel and

Resort Center Green Valley

The Author Andrew Williams, Head of the Publicity Department.

The apparent main purpose for the author's writing is to inform Mr. Gorden MacLeish that since it's opening in

2010, The Green Valley Hotel and Resort has become a well- know and poplar destination for health- oriented

tourism. Plus it tells of all the work completed from Dec. 10th - Jan. 24th, the Issues that followed an

unexpected loss of A. Brankovich's computer. It also states the future plans for the Hotel

and Resort Center stating, and a summary of the work on the advertising campaign

and when that well be released.

I determined the purpose by the way the author wrote it, using the inside address, having a title for the work,

using subtitles to tell what the next paragraph is about. Not going into detail, but giving enough information to let

the owner know what is going on and how much progress was made on the adveritsing campaign. What his plans

are for the next few months, and when things well get be ready for review.

Another type of writing is Creative Wrting. The title to the excample of this writing is called " A Mother's Love"

By: Emma Louise Richards.

The apparent main purpose for this is show how much power a mother's love have, no matter how young or old

you are when you become a mother. A mothers love can overcome almost anything and just letting your child

know that can and will make them fight harder. In the story the aurthor talkes about a young mother of only 16

years of age and the power of her love for her son, when her six hour old son quites breathing and to be put on

the spiecal care baby unit becouse the infent quit breathing due to haveing a series of small seizures. Sara ( the

mother) never even thought of the baby as beening a part of hers till...
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