Hmo vs Ppo

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Telephone Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Logistics Specialist
U.S. Navy squadron Supply
February 6, 2012 Time 1900
 What business functions do you perform?
Aircraft maintenance supply clerk
 Which of the telephone technologies or other technologies are used at your company? Fax and Multiple line telephone
* Are these technologies effective? Explain why or why not. Yes, they are we receive calls all day everyday from suppliers and customers weather it’s for orders or just inventory questions. The fax is also effective because we are able to send and receive documents that otherwise would have to be mailed, which saves us time and money.  Does your organization use scripts when answering the telephone? If so, what is this script?  If your organization does not use scripts, explain why they do not use them. Yes, VFA 31 Supply. How may I help you Sir or Ma’am.

 What is the procedure for placing a customer on hold or transferring a call? We ask them to Wait One then press the hold button and then dial the ext to the person they need to speak with.  What is the procedure for taking a message?

We ask if they would like to leave a message and if they do we write the message out on our message board.  What techniques are used to measure your telephone skills (monitoring, surveys, etc.)? What techniques do you use to evaluate your own performance? We are monitored by our supervisor. I use my evaluation report to evaluate if I need to work on my customer service.  Does feedback from these measuring techniques help you? Why or why not? Yes. It helps because my Evaluation report measuring my whole performance and customer service is the main aspect of my job so if I receive an above par eval I know I am doing my job correctly.  What techniques, formal or informal, do you use to improve your telephone skills? Just basic everyday conversation with customers, and also through our training  Does your company provide training in telephone use? Explain why or why not. Would training help or be...
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