Hltohs300A Contribute to Ohs Processes

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Material safety data sheet, Management Pages: 14 (3973 words) Published: May 28, 2012

Assessment activity 1: Plan work in accordance with relevant provisions of OHS legislation, standards, codes of practice/compliance codes and guidance material

1.What is the aim of OHS legislations, regulations, and codes of practice? The aim of OHS legislation is to simplify the requirements for a workplace to ensure it is safe and healthy. The legislation is the guidelines for the director of a company to make the codes of practice for their team to follow. Regulations provide a simplified approach to health and safety in all types of workplaces. Codes of practice provide the minimum standards for health and safety in a workplace and codes of practice provide direction on how standards of occupational health and safety can be accomplished.

2.What are the responsibilities of the following people with regard to ensuring that the appropriate health and safety needs of the work group are maintained?

The director of the community service organisationThe director is responsible for ensuring both the manager and their workers are doing the right thing. The director overlooks the manager to ensure that they are providing the workers with information, instruction, training & supervision to ensure health and safety. The director also overlooks the workers as well to ensure that they are correctly performing their duties under the guidelines. The director works and observes from the state-wide requirements. The managerThe manager’s job is to ensure everything is up to the state-wide standards outlined in the OHS legislation. The manager must be aware of the codes of practice so that their workers follow it. The manager’s should also make themselves available to listen to all concerns, solutions and idea’s communicated by their workers about potential or existing hazards from becoming a further risk. Managers also make any final decisions when a member of the team brings forward an issue although if a hazard could become extremely hazardous or may cost a lot of money to fix, the director may need to be consulted and make the final decision. The workerIt is the responsibility of a worker to maintain the health and safety practices in place and work in a way to ensure that they do not endanger theirs or other’s health, safety and welfare. Workers must use any personal protective equipment in the appropriate way and comply with reasonable instruction given by their directors or supervisors for workplace health and safety at the workplace. Workers must also ensure that they are not under the effects of any illegal or inappropriate substances, that they are aware of all updated and current OHS information and legislation requirements and report any incidents, illnesses or potential hazards as per appropriate procedures.

3.From what sources can you access, accurate OHS information? •State and Federal Government OHS Informational Websites
Handbooks given to you by your employer
Information hung around the workplace
Workplace Health and Safety Legislation (Act, Regulations and Codes of Practice) •Your manager or OHS representative

Assessment Activity 2: Identify hazards as part of work planning and work process

1.What is a hazard?
A hazard is any substance, material, source, condition or process that has any potential risk that can cause harm or danger to a person’s health or endanger someone’s welfare or safety.

2.What is risk assessment and why are risk assessments necessary? A risk assessment is the process in which hazards are assessed for health and safety risks that will have an impact of staff, children in care or visitors. Risk assessments are necessary in order to maintain a safe working environment for all workers and persons that enter the workplace and environment. It is to make sure everyone goes home safely.

Assessment Activity 3: Address identified hazards prior to starting work using judgement within defined scope of...
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