Hll Lifecare Limited: Organizational Study

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Chapter No.| Title| Page No.|
1| Introduction| 7-10|
2| Industry Profile| 11- 20|
3| Company Profile| 20- 25|
4| Department Analysis| 26- 69|
5| Competitive Analysis| 70- 74|
6| Findings, Suggestions and Conclusion| 75- 77|
7| Bibliography| 78|
8| Appendix| |

An organization study is aimed at creating an opportunity for the students to observe, learn, assimilate and analyze the objectives and vision of the organization and functioning of its various departments. This would enable the students to get a practical real time feel of various aspects concerned with the organization and to relate it to the concepts and theories studied so far in the class room. This exercise would enable the future managers to face the challenges lying ahead. With the permission and consent from the company management and co-ordinator of our institution, I got an opportunity to undertake an organizational study in HLL Life care Ltd, Trivandrum, one of the leading Government organisation which has a golden history of 45 years. This organization study conducted at HLL will gather the information regarding organizational setup, overall performance, departmental performance, production process, financial performance etc.

HLL is today India’s top social marketing organisation. The study also covered the different aspects of the company’s commitment towards social objectives and company’s initiatives in various service sectors like, medical infrastructure development, diagnostic centres and procurement consultancy etc. HIV emerged later in India than it did in many other countries, but this has not limited its impact. Infection rates soared throughout the 1990’s and has increased further in recent years. UN report says that * India’s adult HIV prevalence will peak at 1.9 million in 2019 * The number of AIDS death in India will rise to 49.5 million in 2015. * Economic growth of India will slow by almost 1% per year as a result of AIDS by 2019.

In this situation Government has announced Anti-AIDS campaigning will place a strong focus on Condom promotion. Government has also started campaign involving advertising public events and celebrity endorsements. It aims to break the taboo that currently surrounded Condom use in India, and to persuade people that they should not be embarrassed to buy them.
A study of various department and its functions help to gain awareness about an organization atmosphere. The aim of the study is to ascertain where the organization stands with respect to the society and to see whether it has been able to attain over all mission. The student will be able to come out with equitable and unbiased suggestions thorough analysis of data collected. More over the study throws lights on the various products and production process together with the company future plans of expansion.

More over suggestion has also been put forward as to improve the satisfaction level of industrial works in the organization. For this project also has been allowed to suggest measures that will further improve the present level of satisfaction among the industry workers in the organization. 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The main objectives of the study are:
* To study about the overall structure and functioning of organization. * To study about the structure and functions of various departments in the organization. * To have an idea about products of the company and production process. * To know the major issues faced by the company and its critical analysis for forming suggestions. * To identify the SWOT of “HLL LIFE CARE...
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