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Internal Assessment: Written Commentary

Business and Management: HL

Contents Introduction Stage 1 – Planning, Concept testing Possible questions Exam questions Presentation Research proposal Checklist for Research Proposal Stage 2 – The First Draft Collecting the data Collating the data Writing the first draft IB Format Checklist for first draft Stage 3 - The final draft Reworking the first draft Writing the analysis & evaluation Checklist fro analysis & evaluation Writing conclusion & recommendation Checklist: conclusion & recommendation Completing the project IB Requirements Checklist for writing final report Appendices Assessment criteria Assessment Checklist Letter of confidentiality Time schedule Page Number p3 p5 p5 p6 p6 p8 p10 p12 p14 p14 p16 p18 p18-22 p22 p24 p24 p24 p26 p26 p26 p27 p27-29 p30 p31 p32-35 p36 p37 p38


Written Commentary
The written commentary, which is the internal assessment module for the Business & Management course will count for 25% of your final mark. As such, it is very important. The SL internal assessment is a written commentary. Students need to demonstrate the application of business and management tools, techniques and theories to a real business issue or problem. Students must select a real issue or problem, not a fictional one, and must produce a commentary with a title presented as a question. The commentary must refer directly to a single business organisation, but may consider industry-wide issues that impact on that organization. The commentary must be based on primary and/or secondary data, selected for its suitability, depth and breadth. It is important that you, with your teachers’ guidance, choose a project which: • Engages your interest • Is realistic in terms of resources • Meets the criteria for assessment

What does all this mean?
You need to find between three and five different sources of information that allow you to write up to 1500 words on a real business issue or problem. Examples of suitable sources of information… Secondary sources might include: • Market research surveys • Articles from the local, national or international press • Financial reports • Business accounts • Business plans • Mission statements • Web-based surveys • Extracts from company web sites • Government and other statistics • Academic publications. Primary data might include: • Responses to questionnaires (students should include a blank copy of the questionnaire and a tally/summary of results) • Transcripts of interviews and discussions with focus groups • Results of surveys. 3

It is not possible to score highly on criteria ‘A’ unless the supporting documents provide a range of views, are linked to your question, and show some depth of understanding. You will need to answer a question (The title of the commentary), so make sure your title is phrased in such a way that it allows you to answer it AND to back that answer up.

Stage 1 – The Planning
There are three elements in this 1. 2. 3. section. They are: Concept testing Presentation Research Proposal


Concept Testing

After your teacher has introduced the coursework then you need to think about a suitable decision. You will be given 2 weeks to come up with an appropriate decision. You are advised to consult your teacher during the two-week period. You need to be aware that the single biggest cause of stress with this coursework is in the right choice of decision. Get it right and the Business Report writes itself, get it wrong and you are scrabbling for things to say – and of course, you lose marks straightaway! The following points have all caused problems in the past: • Your decision has to involve a real company, most probably your parent’s, friend’s or neighbour’s but be aware you may have problems getting the data you need when you need it – make sure they are aware. Don’t just rely on daddy as he can often be away at the critical time You may need to convince the business of the...
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