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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Ryan International School
Class X
Winter Holidays Homework

Dear students
Heartiest greetings of the season Holidays are a time to rest and recharge your energies. But as we all agree that all play and no work makes us dull & lazy therefore here are some interesting exercises for you to do. May the good cheer of Christmas & New Year bring lots of happiness to you and your family. God Bless You.


The proposed holiday assignment for class - X , English is as under :  
I. Prepare  a  P. P .T  on  the merits of C.C.E
ii. Frame a poster on " SAVE THE GIRL CHILD  "
iii. Write a poem on your aspirations  / dreams .

SUBJECT: MATHS 1. MAKE A 3-DIMENSIONAL MODEL OF A COMBINATION FIGURE (eg.cone surmounting a cylinder ,hemisphere surmounting cylinder, ,hemisphere surmounting a cube , ,hemisphere surmounting a cuboid etc. ) THEN WRITE THE FORMULA OF THE VOLUME AND SURFACE AREA OF THE COMBINATION FIGURE YOU HAVE MADE. 2.Do Activity-7 based on ARITHMETIC PROGRESSION from your Lab Manual in your Mathematic Activity File 3. Do the practice worksheets on ARITHMETIC PROGRESSIONS and CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY WHICH ARE UPLOADED ON MY SCHOOL.


Make a PowerPoint presentation on “Les Discours rapportes”
Presentation should consist of atleast 10 slides.
The two slides out of 10 should be based on value based questions.


Make a project report on “Optical Fibres”
Make a model showing any one mode of “Asexual Reproduction”
Prepare models of methane, ethane, ethene and ethyne using balls and sticks.

NOTE: i) Attach your model’s photograph along with the same. ii) Project should be handwritten and spiralbound. iii) All the presentations should be creative.

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