Hk Mpf Scheme Case

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- use savings account and invest.

- everything, economic crisis, natural disaster

1. The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) System has an important role to play in contributing towards the financial security of Hong Kong's working population in their retirement years. 1.2 Relevant Employee

A relevant employee means an employee aged 18 to aged below 65. A relevant employee may be a regular employee or a casual employee. Regular Employee
A regular employee refers to any full-time and part-time worker who is aged 18 to aged below 65 employed under an employment contract for a continuous period of not less than 60 days. Casual Employee

A casual employee is an employee aged 18 to aged below 65 working in the construction or catering industries under an employment contract of less than 60 days. Industry Schemes of the MPF System are established specially for employees in the two industries 1.3

• a publicly managed, tax-financed social safety net;
• a mandatory, privately managed, fully funded contribution scheme; and • voluntary personal savings and insurance.

About AIA-JP
AIA-JF is a strategic alliance formed between American International Assurance Company, Limited ("AIA") and JF Asset Management Limited ("JF") in August 1999, which aims at managing and administering Mandatory Provident Fund ("MPF") products for the Hong Kong market. Leveraging on the vast experience and expertise of both companies makes AIA-JF one of the leading pension providers in Hong Kong. AIA-JF helps you meet your MPF obligations in a simple, effective, flexible way together with quality MPF and retirement services and products. Types of funds they provide

Compared to Fidelity, AIA’s Aisian equity funds and Hong Kong Equity Fund’s performance was worse in terms of growth rate.
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