Hk and Mainland Chinese Generation Changes

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HK and Mainland Chinese Generation Changes

Since Hong Kong return to China, there always have some comparison between Hong Kong and Mainland China. In this essay, I would like to talk about the generation changes in both Hong Kong and Mainland China and make the comparison.

HK: (1976~1990)

Historical background:
The fourth generation of Hong Kongers is the children of the second generation, they live in plenty and unlikely to worry about their conditions.

Growth environment and current situation of the fourth generation: They growth up in affluent circumstances, but this kind of environment is not equal to happiness. They need to face the competition earlier than their parents, grandparents. What is it like to be a good fourth generation of Hongkongais? He/she need do much better than others even form kindergarten, because there is no circumstance for the late developers. The loser will be wash out by the society.

The difference between the fourth generation and previous generation is they always under surveillance from their parents. The second generation comes through the spoon-fed education, so they do not want their children come through again. But on the other hand, they still want their children can well prepare for the competition. Therefore, they show too much attention to their children.

Lui Tai-lok said, to the fourth generation, personality is a luxury. They really hardly to find their own personalities. For example, we blindly denounce CantoPop for Euro-American pop; and blindly loves the film by a Western director - any Western director; and blindly denounce packaged tour to Japan for a shopping trip organized ourselves; and blindly denounce our fellow shoppers, our fellow schoolmates, our fellow CantoPop fans, and our fellow quantitatively-manufactured fourth generation Hongkongais, by means of using different goods and products, instead of having different mind-set. Besides, we seldom have chances to present our...
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