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A proverb is a short and simple sentence well - known and repeated by the members of the target language community. It is usually a universal truth, based on common sense or experience of people. Examples:

You cannot teach old dog new tricks.
Learn wisdom by follies of others.
Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.
A saying is a witty and bright sentence of truth or wisdom.
Bad news travels fast.
There is no place like home
All roads lead to Rome.

What applies to authentic texts in general is appropriate to proverbs and sayings too and there are a number of positive reasons for an inclusion of them in the lesson plans:

* meaning has priority over language
* has its specific length
* learners are more or less familiar with the text type from their mother tongue/culture * learners can easily predict kind of information it contains * it brings reality and culture into the classroom

* it can be used as a springboard for other useful and interesting activities such as role play, project, discussion games and so on. Typical stylistic features of proverbs are alliteration, parallelism, rhyme and ellipsis (Arora, 1984) which can cause initial misunderstanding. However the teacher can benefit from “negative” features as learners cannot often understand the main message of it at first sight mostly in cases when the English proverb contains words which are not used for the same message in the Slovak equivalent. Here the way how the teacher works with it is more important than the content of the text. Classroom tasks

When we decide to make use of proverbs and sayings in the lesson we have to consider its aim. The teacher should not forced learners to memorize them, although it often happens that many learners remember them without any effort. Proverbs and sayings can be used in any all stages of the lesson as warm – up activities, for presenting and practicing lexical items and grammar structures/functions, practicing pronunciation, stimuli for a discussion/debate, topic for project work or essay writing and we should not forget building cultural awareness. As these texts are short, funny and they often rhyme they can make learning process stimulating and more effective. We should not ignore a chance to develop learner’s creativity by using proverbs and sayings, as learners can make use of their artistic skill e.g. drawing, using computer programs and projects around proverbs and sayings. Another benefit is that the teacher can cater for learners with different learning styles as many activities can be prepared on cards/ slips of paper, learners can draw or mime the meaning etc.   1.With the globalization of economic and the development of science, the world has got smaller and smaller. So English is considered as one of the most vital communicative language in the world. It is now playing an increasing important role in the world communication. Under the pressure, Chinese students try hard to learn English well. However, it is difficult for them; even they come into a dilemma. That is to say, they desire to study well, but on the other hand they can’t master English well. Consequently, they lose interest in English that is so boring in their eyes. As an old saying goes that “Well begun is half done.” So does in the teaching. In order to stimulate interest we must attract the students’ attention to the subject, and do it in such a way that they have a feeling of pleasure. To keep their interest alive, we must arrange for their attention to be active and not merely receptive.   I discover that reciting or using English proverbs is a very effective teaching method in accordance with the main aims of a new lesson, particularly, as the role of lead-in of a new lesson. In order to make sure the students understand the meaning of English proverb, I immediately follow it by a similar Chinese one. Because some English proverbs may have a similar counterpart in Chinese. The significant...
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