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On this logbook I will be writing all the task that has been completed in my lab session. Every week we learned new topic and I will make note of each step that has been done in lab session, to assist my work I have done lots of print screen shot to make my work more precise and consistent. For each week we got different aims and objectives so I will be discussing the target of each task and result of it. I will also write brief on the difficulties that I faced while doing the task. At the end of each task I will write the conclusion by writing if the positive and negative side of it. Week 1

Introduction of the module and did class test

Week 2
Aim and Objectives
Working with Wireshark
On our second week, we were make known the software called Wireshark. Wireshark is a very powerful network analyzer for window, mac or linux. It’s a tool that is used to check data passing through network interface, ethernet, wireless radio, lan etc. By being able to use this software we can check the traffic caused by different browser etc. Before we start using wire shark it is essential to know the IP address to identify particular network or your own network.

To find the IP address – first of all I clicked on setting then on network – after this dialogue box appeared where it shows my 8-digit IP address

Then I open the wire shark to capture the packets or see all the traffic After the software is started, on the left hand side there is a capture section. On which I had option to choose the device I want to capture, I was also able to modify all the data by clicking on the capture options.

Once I click on capture option, another dialogue box (option box) appeared.

Disable the promiscuous mode as some network interfaces might not support promiscuous mode, and some drivers might not allow promiscuous mode to be turned on

Then click on start, it will start capturing all the different traffic that are going into the interface.

To monitor the actions I went on to visit messenger.live.com then move back to wire shark and click on stop capturing data

As there are lots of different packets, so I used the filter box where I wrote http:

Once I entered http: on filter, I could see only the http: packets. It made it easier to find the data.

once I found my data I clicked on right side on the mouse then click on follow TCP stream

By clicking on follow TCP stream, I could see more specify detail of my data

The tricky part I found during the task was to find the data, while doing it I could see so many packets that it was really tough to find the particular data. Overall it was straightforward method to use it. Result

On this task for the first time I were introduce to wire shark software. Our aim was to capture the data that went really positive; at the end I could discover the packet data that I used while monitoring the traffic.

After completing this task I understand the several things about network traffic. I think this lesson was really significant as it taught me how to check the data passing through the network and capture the data from the network interface. Week 3

Working with wire shark 2
On Third week we continued to work on Wire shark, today our objective is to be able to see the message that we’ll send through use of any browser. So we open the Wire Shark software then change the setting as we done previously.

Disable the promiscuous mode

Click on start button, and then it will start capturing data

Send any type of message, once you send the message stop capturing data.

As there are lots of protocols, it will be difficult to find particular one so click on search and type the browser name

Then this dialogue box will appear showing all the information of the stream

you will also be able to see the previous message.

While capturing the data it was quite complex to come across the message. As I tried from many...
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