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Topics: HIV, AIDS, Blood Pages: 3 (482 words) Published: April 6, 2011

This will serve as a review for the exam you will take on HIV/AIDS.

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1. Define the acronym for AIDS.

A something a person gets from someone else
I relating to the body's defense system for fighting off diseases and infection D below normal levels, specifically the body's inability to fight disease. S a collection of signs or symptoms that when they occur together, mean a person has a particular disease or condition

2. Define the acronym for HIV.

Human Immunodeficiency

3. Briefly outline the 3 phases of HIV infection.

A.1)The person becomes infected and the virus is active
B. 2) the infected person starts to get sick and weakens
C.3) The main phase where your t-cells become very weak and low in number. And things go down hill.

D. During the third stage of HIV, what is the T-cell count?
200 and lower

4, List four body fluids thought to be involved in the transmission of HIV. A. Blood
B. Semen
C. Breast milk
D. V.S

E. List the one body fluid NOT thought to be involved in the transmission of the HIV virus. Urine

5. List five personal behaviors that put a person at risk for contracting HIV A. Multiple sex partners

B. sharing needles.
C. “gay sex”

D. Using already used tattoo needle

E. reusing piercing items

6. Explain in your own words why "DEEP KISSING" is considered a risk behavior for contracting HIV. The fluid in ones mouth can transfer the virus to another person

7. List the two most frequently used blood tests for HIV antibodies. A. western blot test

B. Elisa

8. HIV is a 'silent' disease. Consider the written situation and answer the question. A man is killed in a single car, car accident. A good Samaritan sees the wreck, walks over to the car to assist the injured man. He puts his ear close to the man's mouth to listen for breathing, when he hears...
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