Hiv and Aids Science Report

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  • Published: May 2, 2013
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Have you ever wondered what HIV or AIDS are? HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It causes AIDS which stands for acquired immune deficiency. These viruses attacks the immune system and can cause you to die because it attacks your helper T cells. There are no cures, but you can take medication to help with the symptoms. AIDS and HIV are STD. When one person has AIDS and you have contact with that person they can transmit that disease to you. Another way you can develop AIDS is when you have a blood transfusion and receive blood from a person who has AIDS. Today in the United States that rarely ever happens because blood is screened before they give it to someone. Mothers can also give AIDS to the babies. When the mother is pregnant the mother can give the baby AIDS because they share the same blood circulation. Mothers can also give their children the disease through the mothers milk. AIDS and HIV are two diseases that many people have and do not know, and it kills many. How do HIV and AIDS affect my body? HIV and AIDS affects you body because everyone has what is called an immune system. Your immune system has a specific cell that fights off bacteria and viruses. They fight off the bacteria and viruses so you don’t get sick. One of those vital cells that help make the antibodies (the cell that fights off bacteria and viruses) are Helper T cells. Helper T cells promote the activity and function of B cells. Helper T cells can be found in your blood, lymph nodes, and other places in you body. After HIV enters your body, it makes copies of itself using the Helper T cells. At first your body can handle the loss of Helper T cells, but after time more and more copies of HIV are produced. Eventually your body can no longer take it and your immune system weakens, that is when AIDS develops. With a weak immune system you cannot fight off bacteria and viruses. That is when you get sick and can cause death. Every year more and more people are diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. What many people don’t know is that AIDS and HIV can be prevented. There are three main ways the disease is transmitted. The first way is through sexual contact with a person with AIDS or HIV. Another way to get the disease is through blood transfusions. Today it is very rare to get the disease through blood though because blood is now screened before given to any patient. Unsterilized needles also can spread the disease. Also mothers can give their child the disease. Mothers with AIDS or HIV can give their children AIDS and HIV. Mothers can give their child the disease because they share the same blood circulation. Mothers can also give their child the disease through the mother’s milk. There are more ways to get the disease but these are the main ways most people get the disease. To prevent this disease you can use protection and tell your doctor that you have AIDS when you are pregnant so that they can treat your baby when your child is born. In conclusion AIDS and HIV are harmful virus that attacks the immune system. HIV is what causes AIDS because when HIV causes the immune system to weaken to much AIDS develops. What makes the virus worse is that there is no cure for the diseases, but there are medicines to help cure the disease. AIDS and HIV are two bad diseases that many people have all over the United States.

What is AIDS and HIV?

There are many STD diseases; two of those diseases are AIDS and HIV. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency. These to diseases are virus. AIDS and HIV are like puzzle pieces, when you have HIV you often develop AIDS. AIDS is not a virus that you automatically know you have. AIDS all starts from a HIV infection. People infected with HIV can often not know for up to ten years, HIV symptoms often don’t occur for up to ten years or longer. Even though there are no symptoms you can still transmit HIV to others. When you have a HIV infection and...
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