Hiv/Aids Stigma and Discrimination

Topics: HIV, AIDS, HIV/AIDS Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Social Psychology
HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination
Strayer University
November 19, 2011

Internationally, there has been a recent resurgence of interest in HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination, triggered at least in part by growing recognition that negative social responses to the epidemic remain pervasive even in seriously affected communities. Yet, rarely are existing notions of stigma and discrimination interrogated for their conceptual adequacy and their usefulness in leading to the design of effective programmers and interventions. Taking as its starting point, the classic formulation of stigma as a ‘significantly discrediting’ attribute, but moving beyond this to conceptualize stigma and stigmatization as intimately linked to the reproduction of social difference, this paper offers a new framework by which to understand HIV and AIDS-related stigma and its effects. It so doing, it highlights the manner in which stigma feeds upon, strengthens and reproduces existing inequalities of class, race, gender and sexuality. It highlights the limitations of individualistic modes of stigma alleviation and calls instead for new programmatic approaches in which the resistance of stigmatized individuals and communities is utilized as a resource for social change. Here are some related stories from personal experiences and some from other resources.

AIDS stigma is expressed around the world in a variety of ways, including: •ostracism, rejection, and avoidance of people with AIDS (PWAs) •discrimination against PWAs
compulsory HIV testing without prior consent or protection of confidentiality •violence against persons who are perceived to have AIDS or to be infected with HIV •Quarantine of persons with HIV.

AIDS stigma is effectively universal, but its form varies from one country to another, and the specific groups targeted for AIDS stigma vary considerably. Whatever its form, AIDS stigma inflicts suffering on people and interferes with...
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