Hiv/Aids in Nigeria

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HIV/AIDs has been ranked among the common disease of all times that is threatening us with the extinction of youths and adults. It is not only terrorizing the entire generation but also kills and leaves millions of orphans for the oldest grandparent to carter for. 2.1HIV/AIDS IN NIGERIA

According to USAID brief (2004), Nigerian epidemic is characterized by one of the most rapidly increasing rates of new HIV/AIDS cases in West Africa. Adult HIV prevalence increased from 1.8% in 1991 to 5.8% in 2001. This infection rate, although lower than that of neighboring African countries should be considered in the context of Nigeria’s relatively among population of approximately 117 million, the joint United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) by the end of 2001. HIV prevalence among women attending continental clinic in 1999 rose from less 1% to 21%. Among sex workers in Lagos. HIV prevalence rose from 2% in 1988-89 to 12% in 1990-91 by 1995-96 up to 70% of sex workers tested positive.

USAID Brief (2004) further elaborates that current projections show an increase in the number of new AIDS cases from 250,000 in 2000 to 360,000 by 2006. As a result of the epidemic the crude death rate in Nigeria was about 20% higher in 2000 than in 1990. In 2001 alone 170,000 adults and children died of AIDS at the end of 2001, UNAIDS estimated that 1 million children orphaned by AIDS were living in Nigeria.

USAID Brief (2004) further added that several factors have contributed to the rapid of HIV in Nigeria. These include sexual networking practices such as polygamy, a high prevalence of untreated sexually, transmitted infection (STI’S), low condom, poverty, low literacy, poor health status, low status of women stigmatizing, and denial of HIV infection risk among vulnerable, groups. Nigeria is a complex mixture of diverse ethnic groups, language, cultures, religious and regional groupings all of which are major challenge for HIV prevention programmes.

Several countries in Africa with previously low infected numbers are now experiencing serious epidemic. It is spreading like wild fire millions of people in rural areas in some African countries have not heard of HIV/AIDS and a very high percentage of our sexually potent population between the dangerously ignorant about it (Nuhu 2002).

Laura (2002) opined that HIV/AIDS as potentially global biological holocaust which is yet to attract the full sustained through a recent research concluded that most people still doubt the true existence of HIV/AIDS virus. Others claim that God has already destined the ways of every one’s death, epidemic which has already almost affected the larger population of the expected leaders of tomorrow and not only do they make up the population of the work force, but they also represent the strength of the nation and her hope for the next generation has young men and women buried daily resulting from untimely death, caused by the lethal virus. Because many people obey their sexual urges so easily and indulge in per-or, extra-marital relationships. While young boys and girls indulge in experimental sex to test their state of maturity.

Gilberto (2003) mentions that nearly all Nigeria, trado-medical herbal doctors are claiming to have cure of HIV/AIDS pictures of sexual transmitted disease and the victims are often displayed to public claiming that the untreated STDs are the causes of AIDs virus. Although many important questions about the disease cannot yet be answered but certain facts demand very clear course of action by governments. Medical supports is very necessary but medical support itself will not stop the continuous spread of the epidemic. The federal and state government must take some public health measures immediately. Either by identifying and isolating carriers unity is assured that they are no longer capable of transmitting the virus or provisions of diagnostic and treatment center for...
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