Hiv/Aids and Social Support Essay

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HIV/AIDS and Social Support Essay

The role of social Support in coping in HIV/AIDS
As South Africa has a very high rate of HIV infections. The government has increased the availability of antiretrovirals to the individuals who have been diagnosed with this disease. Whereas the availability of the treatment increases there is a great amount of stressors that come with the diagnosis of this virus. Therefor there are other aspects that play a role in the treatment of HIV/AIDS such as environmental factors, stigmazation and social support. This essay will be discussing the role that social support plays in people with HIV/AIDS, the effects of social support and the theories on social support. This essay will also be discussing the role of social support after an individual has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The related health decline and the stigma attached to this diagnosis.

The diagnosis of HIV/AIDS leads to enormous amounts of stress to the individual that has been diagnosed with this chronic illness. Solomon (1987) as citied in Green (1993) hypnotizes that stress, psychological and social support can influence the pace at which HIV replicates and progresses to AIDS; therefor there is an indirect link between HIV/AIDS and social support. According to Carver (1989) as cited in Koopman, Gore-Felton, Marouf Butler, Field, Gill, Chen, Israelski & Spiegel(2000) the lack of expression of motions, the withdrawal of one’s behaviour and the mental detachment to the world are the three most used coping tactics that are associated with the increasing levels of stress among people living with HIV. There are a lot of stigmas associated with HIV such as that it infects only certain kinds of people. Stigma refers to be bias, negative attitudes, abuse and mistreatment directed at people living with HIV and AIDS. The consequences of stigma are widespread: being rejected by family, friends and even the community. "Stigma remains the single most important barrier to...
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