Hitlers Triumph of the Will

Topics: Nationalism, Optimism, By the Way Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Hitler’s Triumph of the Will
Hitler’s Triumph of the Will speech was very impressive. He is very confident in what he is saying as well as very proud of everything he had accomplished up to then. Just by the way Hitler was speaking you could tell he very obviously believed in everything he said. He had a plan and he was going to do anything and everything in his power to see it through. He mentioned every group of people and told everyone that they were important in his future goals for Germany. By making everyone feel important he boosted his support and strongly encouraged his following to be proud that they had contributed to the cause. People easily followed what Hitler said simply because they believed in him and his goals. There was much thought put into everyone’s speeches for that day. Hitler was introduced in a very strong way showing him as the man in control who deserved respect and appreciation. It was almost like the man introducing him thought that the people in other countries, those who opposed Hitler, and those that didn’t know of him well were naïve and they just couldn’t understand how awesome Hitler really is. The scene was very intriguing. There were hundreds upon hundreds of people waiting in huge crowds to hear Hitler’s speech. The crowd was extremely excited. People were holding out their arms and singing songs and yelling ‘Heil Hitler’. There was a very noticeable patriotic feeling in the atmosphere. You can feel it now just watching the speech. The looks on peoples’ faces expressed their pride and commitment to Hitler. It was obvious everyone believed in what he was preaching. Hitler was able to put in a little bit about everyone helping and it made people feel more of a connection with what was going on. To make someone feel like they are part of something bigger than themself is very strategic; less people will rebel if they feel they are needed to help. The two major vibes I got off of Hitler was hope and pride. They were clearly...
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