Hitler's Rise to Power

Topics: Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Hitler’s rise to power
In the years after WWI, Germany faced its worst economic depression along with devastation, defeat, and political division. Many German citizens who eventually came to be known as right wing believed that Germany did not yet lose the war at the time that The Treaty of Versailles was signed. Those who signed the treaty were left wing and were called the Social Democrats. Soon, many German citizens and political leaders such as Adolf Hitler in the right wing began to despise social democrats in the left wing. Social Democrats signed the Treaty of Versailles and many Germans felt as if they had been stabbed in the back. This became known as “Dolstosstheorie” or betrayal felt by the German people. The Treaty of Versailles placed complete war guilt on Germany and forced German citizens to pay reparations to both Britain and France for years to come. The Treaty of Versailles also instituted a new democratic Constitution in Germany called the Weimar Constitution. The Weimar Constitution allowed for universal suffrage, election of the president by the people, and ministers responsible to the Reichstag. However, even with strengths such as these included in the Constitution, the political wedge drawn between the left and the right wing left this centrist government weak from the very start. Soon, German citizens were desperate for change. Inevitably, they turned to Adolf Hitler who persuaded them that “instead of Hopeless unemployment, Germany could move towards economic recovery.” This change was what the Germans longed for, they believed that Hitler “showed a way, the only way left to the ruined people in history.” A mixture of German hopelessness along with weak governing by the Weimar republic paved the path for Hitler’s rise to power. This can be proved by the success of the Nazi organization and its political ideals along with the inability of the Weimar Republic to effectively deal with economic and political chaos prevalent in Germany’s...
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