Hitler's Branding

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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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What connections are their between Hitler’s policy of “gleichschaltung” and contemporary branding strategies? Is totally essential to the understanding of actual branding, learn and analyze how the totalitarian states, such as the Hitler’s policy, were stated and developed across society and boundaries. This essay is going to describe certain similarities between the policy of Hitler and contemporary branding strategies, through analyzing some of the techniques that were utilized by the Nazism and its effectiveness across mass media. In order to place in context, is useful to understand that after the first war world it was experienced a massive regeneration across Europe, and economically speaking, Europe was wealthier than it had been before; but in the end of the 1920´s started the stop market crash. After that crash citizens get more conservative and people show up with very simple and solid ideologies. Hitler found a disoriented, insecure and frustrated public, he gave them a way forward, one reason for the struggle, hope, above all, returned to the German people the security, and national pride through an organized marketing campaign and authority.

According to Heller (2008), in March 1933, the night before the election that would bring the Nazi’s to power, the German people were ordered to display the swastika flag outside their house and such a powerful visual statement created a feeling of inevitability to the Nazi victory.

Hitler generated brand awareness by bombarding the public with ads and using extreme Marketing, defined as the achievement of marketing objectives raised through no conventional methods, investing more energy, passion and creativity than money.

From the beginning Hitler was aware that in order to be successful any group had to communicate strength of identity, realizing that the major component of any branding strategy is the logo; so he generated two icons or brand champions, the...
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