Hitler Youth

Topics: Nazi Germany, Nazism, Adolf Hitler Pages: 4 (1268 words) Published: August 22, 2010
History Essay
Topic: Hitler Youth Movement – Discuss the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth Movement. How did it promote Nazi ideology? How effective was the Hitler Youth Movement as an institution promoting the Nazi ideology?

In 1933, after World War I and the Treaty of Versailles put Germany in a devastating position, Hitler and NSDAP took control of Germany. The Nazis led campaigns and rallies to show their hatred towards the treaty and what they could do to help. The Nazis soon became very liked by everyone except for the Jews, as they were blamed for the problems Germany had faced up to this point in time. 1933-1938 was a period of time which was most influential to The Hitler Youth Organization as it was to determine how much power and support it would get. Hitler Youth was started in 1933 with the aims of replacing all the other youth organizations. This was achieved as the youth saw The Hitler Youth Organization as more new and exciting as compared to the other youth organizations. The Hitler Youth showed a different perspective of gaining peoples support through the, be with us or be against us, strategy. In 1936, for Hitler’s birthday, his present was for every child over ten will join the Hitler Youth Movement or be put in jail. The effectiveness of the Hitler Youth Movement was shown while it lasted as the children were given fun activities as well as speeches and songs that absorb them into the anti-Jewish propaganda. Since children were recruited from a young age, they would be part of the perfect Aryan race being, “slim and slender, swift as the greyhound, tough as leather and as hard as Krupp Steel” by the time they were 18. This meant that the children were being lined up for war and ahead of them the death of millions of Jews, this is what happened during the reign of Hitler. Gleichschaltung is the German word for “synchronization”. 1933 was known as the beginning of the Gleichschaltung stage for Hitler and the NSDAP (Nazis), as this...
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