Hitler vs. Stalin

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Hitler Vs. Stalin

John Anthony Taddio

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Apriple 30th 2013

The 20th century was an era most notably recognized by international political strife, the rise of media, propaganda and public awareness, followed by intense segregation between East and West. More notably, the 20th century was an era of development. It saw the rise and fall of empires, imperialism, administrations and new ways of thought. This notable change can most predominantly be associated with the outcome of the Second World War. While the Allies and the Axis powers fought over Europe, two men set the stage for the inevitable outcome that would effect the remaining sixty years worth of public history.

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, two men who’s prominence and influence reaching global scale throughout the century, were the architects that formulated the action-reaction style of political and social theory. Though both men were undoubtedly influential, Stalin’s regime and prominence had a larger effect on the over-all perception of the twentieth century, as opposed to Hitler’s sensationalized reputation. Due to Stalin’s persistent tyrannical and obsessive paranoia in administering this government, his legacy proves to be more pertinent than his western counterpart due to the economic growth throughout his country, military achievement reached in the Second World War, the effects of Public memory that ensued and lastly, the ultimate spread of communism over the world.

After the Russian Revolution Lenin had set up the NEP or the New Economic Plan. Though this new policy proved to work, Stalin terminated the NEP for his five-year plan. This five-year plan proved to be deadly or extremely harmful for the people of Russia. Many farmers and citizens died from starvation and were exiled because of this five-year plan. During the second five-year plan Stalin granted rewards for citizens who exceeded their quotas to encourage hard work and other citizens to work hard. Though Hitler had also raised his war-torn country’s economy, and brought his fellow Germans a better lifestyle, Joseph Stalin had focused on profitability rather than well being of his citizens. However the economic growth did lead Russia and its army to afford better military equipment as well as new technologies and new artillery, necessary to defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

After World War I the Russian Military and economy underwent dramatic transitions as well as Germany. From poor artillery, arms shortage, and a general lack of resources, the Russians went from being the joke of European military to the biggest threat and superpower during the Second World War. The use of the NEP and five-year plan-though were horrible on the society- worked in the construction of a new Russia that was so technologically behind the rest of the world. Russia was a key element in the defeat of Germany in the Second World War. “The ‘Great Patriotic War’, rightly named in that it had created a Soviet motherland, had forged to its peoples and the groups into a community.” Winning the war against Germany was obviously good for the moral of all the Russian people because it brought as sense of unity and power as well as confidence in themselves as a nation.

Hitler and Germany also had dramatic changes to their wealth and way of life. Germany had gone through a revolution as well, with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. “The revolution had been accompanied by terror and violence, costing the lives of hundreds of its opponents and depriving thousands of their freedom or homeland.” This is known as the Nazi revolution. Hitler had signed the bill of “Protection of State and People, which revoked the rights of the German people and gave Hitler ultimately more power to do s he pleased. This power led Hitler to gain the advantage over his opponents and later led him to eliminate his enemies.

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