Hitler Research Questions

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Topic: Death/ Concentration Camps
I chose this topic because I felt like I would be really interested in it. I had already started to research in other classes and I knew that this topic would suit me well. I also thought that there would be a lot of information on it; therefore it would be easy to research. Essential Question: What were the main aspects of the Death/Concentration Camps? Research questions:

How many people were affected by the camps?
In 1933, there were approximately nine million Jews that lived in 21 countries. By 1945, the Nazi’s would reduce that number down to 3 million.. However, Jews were not the only ones to be sent to physically / mentally handicapped, homosexuals, and Polish intellectuals were also sent to the camps and they accounted for at least another 200,000 deaths (Camps). This totals about 6,400,000 victims of the death camps (Camps). There were also about two million prisoners that died in labor camps. shaved all off the prisoners of slaves. They were being provided with food and essential supplies that helped them fight the war. How did the slaves arrive at the camps?

In 1941, the Nazi leadership decided to implement the "Final Solution," the systematic mass murder of European Jews. The German authorities used rail systems across the continent to transport, or deport, Jews from their homes, primarily to Eastern Europe. The Jews were organized in Ghettos and then later forced into the train rides where they were not fed, and had to fight the bitter weather. Also, the Jews were stuffed into tiny cattle carts and were very crowded. Aside from a
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