Hitler Research Paper

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazism Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Brianna Milligan
Mr. McCaw
AP Lit and Comp
9 November 2012
On April 20th 1889, Adolf Hitler was born. Adolf is debatably the most remembered dictator in all of history; he was responsible for the genocide of 6 million Jews, and other minorities. Why Hitler developed a strong angst against the Jews is unclear, although there are many theories, none prove to be factual. Perhaps it was this influential man’s huge desire for power that drove him to such drastic measures. Despite, Hitler’s unforgivable actions – rejection, war, and power are the three elements that created Adolf Hitler, the face of Nazi Germany.

As a young German boy, Adolf loved art so much so, that all he sometimes did was sketch and paint. He was particularly gifted with academics; he passed his classes with great ease and found school to be fairly unchallenging. Despite his academic abilities, he stopped caring and trying in school as he grew older. The reason for this would be Alois’ death (Hitler’s father) when Adolf was only 13. However, it was Hitler’s biggest aspiration to be accepted into Vienna Academy of Art, but after submitting his application several times Hitler was rejected. Prior to his father’s death, Hitler and Alois had their differences due to Alois’ opinion on the pointlessness of art school. Adolf was abused by his father for many years, and it is arguable that this rejection from his own father built up unhealthy steam. After being rejected by the Academy of Art, he lived in Vienna pretending to be an art student to avoid telling his mother, Klara, the truth. In 1907, his mother passed away of cancer, and this was probably the most traumatic thing in Hitler’s youth. “Her death affected him far more deeply than the death of his father. He had fond memories of his mother, carried her photograph wherever he went and, it is claimed, had it in his hand when he died in 1945.” (Spartacus Educational) He could never face his mother, in fear of being rejected by her as well....
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