Hitler Interview

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazism Pages: 4 (1490 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Adolf Hitler was born in Linz, Austria in 1889, and grew up there with his Mother and Father, Alois and Klara. He served in World War I in the German Army, although he was not a German Citizen. He is now the leader of the Nazi party and is the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler is here today to talk about his life and his rise up the ranks to power. Brendan Spellman:Hello Herr Hitler, how are you doing today? Adolf Hitler:Excuse me sir, my proper name is Fuhrer Hitler. BS:Sorry Fuhrer Hitler. So let’s get started. Growing up in Linz how was your childhood there? AH:Well my childhood wasn’t exactly what you’d call the best. I was the first out of six children to survive into adolescence. My older siblings all died before I was born or when I was young {Hitler starts to tear up} my brother Edmund died when I was quite young, and he was my best friend. That was really the first time I was exposed to heartbreak. BS:How were the relationships with your parents growing up? AH:When I was small, my Father was never really around to mentor me or teach me anything. I had the greatest relationship with my beautiful Mother Klara, who loved me very dearly and treated me very well. When my Father passed away I didn’t really feel any pain or sorrow over his death since we weren’t close. BS:When you were of schooling age, it seems like you weren’t a good student. Why is that? AH:{Hitler raises voice} my teachers all hated me! I was such a good student they didn’t like me! If you didn’t notice I was great in art and physical education! If you’re going to ask stupid questions you might as well leave. BS:I’m sorry Herr-

AH:Fuhrer! Fuhrer Hitler! {Hitler bangs fist on table}
BS:I apologize Fuhrer Hitler. So once you dropped out of school where did you go? AH: Once I left school and Linz, I went to Vienna to pursue my career in art. I applied to multiple art schools and they all rejected my work because I was too good. At the time I was receiving allowance from my Mother...
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