Hitler, Fact or Fiction; Effects of Labels

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: March 30, 2008
Many historical events and “facts” are given by the media, through texts, such as articles, movies and documentaries. Whilst the media claims they are representing media the best they can, every time history is retold, it discloses more and more discrepancies. To a point where it is not longer history being told, but rather a story; one such story, is the story of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a powerful German leader and commander of the powerful German army of World War 2. He was famous for bring Germany from the brink of poverty into a dominant nation during The Great Depression. In the Times Magazine, 1939 January Edition, Adolf Hitler was announced Man of the Year of 1938. The article viewed Hitler as a hero of Germany. But his fame during that era didn’t last. Years after the article was published, the media’s view of Hitler had changed dramatically. As this happened so did Hitler’s image. The result of this is today’s perception of Adolf Hitler. Modern society views him as an ‘evil, deranged Nazi hellbent on wiping out an entire race and who single-handedly led Germany down a path of destruction’. Today’s films will often show Hitler as the evil diabolic figure. Hitler has been clearly represented this way in the film “Hitler Rise of Evil”. The film uses a story line, which employs different characters whom all serve the purpose of emphasizing Hitler’s evil side. The character, Hitler, displayed many unfavorable traits, such as rage, social awkwardness, constantly spat when talking. Of course, more than just the character was used by the film producer to induce the imagery of evil. The discourse of the text was an evil discourse, complying to audience members’ expectations of Hitler. This was noticed in the film’s title and the opening statement “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. A notable scene featuring Hitler kicking a dog was employed in the film, the purpose of this scene was to make the audience feel...
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