Hitler and Stalin’s Impact on the World

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Hitler and Stalin’s Impact on the World|
Comparison between Hitler and Stalin|
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November 22, 2011
History 204
Professor Eskridge-Kosmach
European Countries has undergone several different political systems, from dictatorships to democracies. Two political figures that have impacted what those countries are today are Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. They have overcome many obstacles including growing up in families with problems, overthrowing the previous political system before their rule, and bypassing their opponents in order to gain their way to power. Stalin and Hitler are like comparing fire and ice; they are both destructive, but their methods are very different. Both Stalin and Hitler’s childhood were precedents of their actions in their adulthood. When it came to the children Hitler was the fourth child out of six. Of the six only he and his sister lived until adulthood. Stalin on the other hand was also the fourth child, the three children before him died shortly after birth. As children Hitler and Stalin went through different problems, Hitler had a very abusive father. He was an alcoholic and when he was drunk he couldn’t hold back his emotions. He would abuse Hitler because he didn’t fulfill his father’s wishes. At the age of seven, Stalin suffered from smallpox. His face was scared and he gained the nickname “pocky” from his friends. Hitler wanted to be a painter, but he didn’t succeed. As a revolt against his father he dropped out high school. He was focused more on being and artist rather than his studies. Stalin studied at a seminary and was expelled because he read forbidden books and was disrespectful to authority. He was sent to the seminary by his mother to become a priest. Due the death of Stalin’s father and the abuse from Hitler’s father, their mothers’ were the ones who showered them with love. Stalin’s mother became a priest to escape from poverty. Hitler’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to undergo surgery and she didn’t survive. The surgery was done by a Jew, who Hitler later expressed were the cause of Germany’s collapse and economic problems.

Hitler and Stalin rose to the highest position attainable in their countries. During their rise to power, their countries were still recovering from World War I. They both used their charismatic character to persuade people to believe everything they said was what was needed to be done.

Hitler believed in doing away with an absolute whole of traditional conceptions and opinions. He believed that the Aryan race was the superior race and that all other races were inferior; especially the Jews, Slavs and the blacks. He felt that German should be united in one state, and that internationalism was a weakness. Hitler believed that when people that no longer possessed the power of creativity they became international. His ultimate goal was to destroy Marxism. This was an oath that he would live by. Marxism was the enemy of the Aryan race and he felt it must be destroyed with out any mercy.

Hitler also deemed Social Democracy as the artificial heart of communism. To him communism was the forerunner of death, of national destruction and extinction. Democracy was his enemy because only one individual was genius enough to represent and rule the country. National Socialism is totalitarian in nature aiming at the total control of all politics, economy, social relationships and thought, by a small group which claims to understand how to cope with all aspects of human existence. Hitler and the Nazi party adopted the National Socialist Movement. The basic points were anti-semitism, nationalism, militarism, and anti-communism. They believed German should be the strongest country and military spirits were the truest expression of human creativity courage, self sacrifice, and survival.

Stalin beliefs were the complete opposite of...
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