Hitler's Rise to Power

Topics: Weimar Republic, Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Rise of Hitler 1918-33

During the years 1918 and 1933, Hitler’s rise to power was helped by 2 factors. One was the conditions that were in Germany, and the other was the methods that he used to gain power.

Before the First World War, Germany was a monarchy; but this regime was destroyed by the war, and a new socialist democratic republic was set up. Its name was The Weimar Republic, and Friedrich Ebert ruled it. However, it had some significant weaknesses; one of them would be the voting system, that allowed to the electors vote for the political parties rather than candidates, which let other small parties gain power in the parliament. Due to this, there were constant governmental changes. Also, the Republic faced political threats from other parties; one would be the socialist Spartacus League, which in 1919 attempted to overthrow the republic. In addition, in 1920, a group of ex-soldiers, who continued to fight for right-wing values (freikorps), committed 400 political murders, and this is known as the Kapp Putsch.

The Treaty of Versailles was one of the major causes of the German economic failure. Ebert, the president of the Weimar Republic, signed this Treaty in 1919. Due to this, Germany lost the 13% of his territory in Europe, and had to pay reparations to other countries. Thus, in 1923, French and Belgians took advantage of this situation and occupied the Ruhr, Germany’s most valuable industrial area; and they stole factories, coal mines, etc.; this and also the loss of production led the hyperinflation. Prices went up quickly, and this affected the majority of the population, since most of people formed part of the Lower Class and Middle Class.

With all this problems that Germany had to face, the working class was very unhappy. German people were upset with the other countries and with his president (Ebert) for making him sign the Treaty of Versailles, because they believed that they could have continued fighting. In addition, they...
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