Hitler's Nazi Germany vs. Stalin's Communist Russia

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  • Published : February 8, 2012
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Stalin’s Communist Russia
Коммунистическая Сталина России Hitler’s Nazi Germany
Hitler's Nazi-Deutschland

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are widely regarded as the greatest tyrants of the twentieth century, accountable for more violent deaths than any other leaders in history. Both have been individually and collectively labeled mass murders, tyrants, “authors of terror”, and even “twin demons of the twentieth century”. The shared political methodology of both dictators was heavily based around totalitarianism. Their apparatus of power and repression led to absolute and ruthless authority over the population of their respective nations. The disparity in Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin’s rise to power, economy, policies, totalitarian rule and methodology confirm who the greater oppressor was.

Stalin and Hitler’s individual means by which they came to power were both undertaken during a time of great instability in their countries. Both men took advantage of their nation state’s pandemonium to seize power and acquire political support for their authoritarian views. Adolf Hitler, the man who would become the dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945 first developed his German nationalism in 1914 with the outbreak of the First World War. Volunteering to fight in the German Amy, Hitler was recruited into a Bavarian regiment. Upon Germany’s defeat, Hitler, as well as a number of nationalist and conservative groups blamed the new Weimar government, along with socialists and Jews for Germany’s defeat. The signing of the armistice in November 1918 and the acceptance of the Treaty of Versailles in June 1919 deemed Germany responsible for causing the war and sought reparation. Hitler however refused to acknowledge Germany’s defeat. He claimed that the politician’s signatory to the armistice agreement had sold out the German army. Hitler was determined in leading Germany out of their disparity and became heavily involved in politics during the following years. In February 1920, with the support from his army colleagues, Hitler became a prominent speaker and propaganda officer for the German Workers Party (DAP). Accordingly, Hitler had the DAP renamed the National Socialist Workers’ Party (NSDAP or otherwise known as the Nazi Party) and was elected party chairman in July 1921.

In 1922, Germany was caught in the spiral of hyperinflation, which resulted in rapidly rising prices as currency lost its value. Consequently, many people went bankrupt or lost their savings. During Germany’s instability, Hitler believed he could seize control of the Bavarian government and attempted to do so in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, November 1923. His Putsch failed and Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison for high treason. Following his release, Hitler altered his plans and became focused upon gaining control through the democratic process. Hitler’s rise to power excelled on the back of the Great Depression, harnessing mass popular sentiment to take control incrementally of Germany. By 1930, the Nazi Party had over 100,000 members and continued to significantly enhance their support by targeting particular groups of people: peasant farmers, small shopkeepers and the unemployed. Following a number of presidential elections in Reichstag (parliament), in 1932, the Nazi’s increased their number of seats from 107 to 230 (37% of the vote), this made them the largest party in the Reichstag. Realising Hitler’s power, President Von Hindenburg and other military men in the German Nationalist Party (DNVP) tried to bring Hitler under control by making him Chancellor on the 30th January 1933. Immediately after President Von Hindenburg's death on the 12th August 1934, Hitler proclaimed himself Führer. Having gained mass support, Hitler assumed complete control of Germany and instantly set out upon eliminating his opposition through his military forces. Adolf Hitler’s rise to power was legitimate in the sense that he attained power legally....
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