Hitch: Communication and Body Language

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Communication is in our lives through talking, listening and even body language.   In the movie Hitch one is shown this through nonverbal communication, how the characters listen to themselves as well as one another and through the changing perceptions of the characters.   By watching Hitch, Sarah, Albert and Allegra one is able to see how having communication, proper or not, affects how our lives are. They also teach us how nonverbal communication can sometimes say more than verbal communication. For example at the beginning of the movie, Hitch points out that women often say things that they really don’t mean to, “This is a really bad time for me”, “I just need some space”, “I’m really into my career right now”. Even though women say things like this, they might mean something entirely different. Hitch also says how women don’t know what they want until they see it. This is the part where nonverbal communication comes into play for men. Paralanguage is the area of nonverbal communication that emphasizes body language and voice nuances as means of expressing thoughts and feelings. This is demonstrate in the movie when a woman who lost her dog had presumably never met or spoken to the man who rescued her dog. Even though the woman had never verbally communicated with this man, she was probably extremely relieved, grateful, and impressed when she saw him rescuing her dog in the middle of the street. Without saying a single word, the man was able to improve his romantic chances with this woman. The dog-rescue scene exemplifies the power of nonverbal communication. The majority of communication is non-verbal, thus Hitch emphasizes the importance of this aspect of communication. The simple action that this man performs communicates a lot about his personality. He is able to show that he is caring and nurturing. While he doesn’t need to explicitly tell her, “Hi. I am a kind and thoughtful person. Are you interested?” she is able to infer his personality from his...
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