History Ww2

WW2 was a long and terrible war in which people commonly argue that it was pointless. They say it did more harm then good. Of course if they have a justified argument we would agree and disagree but they seem to be saying whatever comes to their mind when the other person has a well thought-out argument they are willing to debate. Moving on topic, this essay will show how WW2 has affected the culture that is books,movies, t.v. and other media and liteterature.

There are literally thousands of books on WW2, ranging from D-Day to the Hiroshima Bombing to the Nazis and the Airbourne forces. They all give the reader an extensive knowledge of what happened. Literature was never a bad thing and never will be. It's safe to say that because of WW2, there has been a very valuable and interesting addition to the world of books.

There are not as many movies and t.v. shows on WW2 then books but nonetheless, a lot. T.V. shows like Band of Brothers are about WW2. Movies like Saving Private Ryan are about WW2. They may not have been historically accurate but they portray WW2 wonderfully and give insight into the horrors of the Great War.

In the gaming picture, WW2 was an important part of it. There have been numerous board games and war games about WW2. Even more is video games. One of the earliest FPS games was around WW2. There are so many games about it to try and capture the emotions and feelings of what it felt like to be fighting in WW2.

To conclude, WW2 did have a big impact in these areas and they were all positive, helping the economy.
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